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Beef Wiener

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These wieners are made with 100 percent beef and are stuffed in a natural lamb casing. The Beef Wieners are lightly smoked and seasoned for a full flavor version of an American favorite.

6 wieners come in each 1 lb. package.

$9.95 (unit price)





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Knackwurst | $9.10 The Knackwurst or "crack sausage" is aptly named for the pop that sounds when you bite into these plump sausages. Knackwurst is a versatile sausage with a mild garlic flavor that is excellent served alone or with sauerkraut on a bun.

Approximately 4 knackwurst come in each 1 lb. package.

Wiener | $9.10 Not just a "hot dog" this popular favorite is made with pork and beef and lightly seasoned with various spices. Our wieners are plump and juicy with a mild, well-rounded flavor.

6 wieners come in each 1 lb. package.

Frankfurters | $8.60 Our pork and beef Frankfurters offer a quality alternative to the average American hot dog. Lightly smoked and mildly seasoned, the Frankfurters have a well-rounded flavor.

4 Franks come in each 1 lb. package.